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Food Thai Select Supportlocalsmallbusiness F01

Thai Select- support local small business & cuisine

The current health crisis has also brought an economic crisis. During this time I find it is imperative to support my local restaurants by ordering takeout and dining outdoors when safe and possible. Many small businesses, especially restaurants, need our patronage so they can weather this incredibly difficult storm! I adore Thai food and one of the best in my …

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Health TraderJoes GrapefruitLemonHandSanitizer F01

Trader Joe’s grapefruit-lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray

I am using hand sanitizer when I can’t wash my hands. I have tried lots of different varieties and one of my favorites is the grapefruit-lemon hand spray sanitizer from Trader Joe’s. This small bottle packs a great smelling and non drying formula that keeps my hands soft. I keep a bottle in my purse, car and throughout the house. …

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Beauty Health Tata Harper F01

Tata Harper- Anti Aging Peachy Blush

I believe in self care and self love during these trying times. If we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t take care of anyone else. I am a big fan of the Tata Harper products because they are formulated, manufactured and packaged on a farm in Vermont.  It doesn’t get much better than this for freshness and sustainability.  The …

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Health Losing A Sweet Soul F01

Losing a sweet soul!

I do not usually write about a relative but with the recent loss of my brother in law Brent Letellier this last week I thought it would be important to write about this special sweet soul! Brent Letellier was an educator that believed in helping those less privileged than himself. His mission was to teach children in the under privileged school …

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Fashion Amina Muaddi Footwear F01

Amina Muaddi footwear!

In the past few months I haven’t been writing about fashion because we have had so many health concerns. It just didn’t seem plausible. As a female Middle Eastern entrepreneur I realized that I had to write and share information about other ethnic female entrepreneurs as it is vital we support each other! I have been enamored by Amina Muaddi’s …

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Fashion Husihan Zhang The Chinese Couturier F01

Husihan Zhang- The Chinese Couturier!

Right now there are not many places I can wear a white feather and silk dress unless I wear it at home cooking and cleaning! Maybe on a zoom business call. Even if impractical with the current climate I am enamored with the work of Husihan Zhang. Husihan is a Chinese designer who has worked for Dior couture and his …

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Health Beauty  WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray F01

WOW dream coat  supernatural spray for a perfect blow dry!

These past few months I have been doing all my beauty treatments at home, from hair, nails and skin. Taking care of myself makes me feel better during these uncertain times. Through this journey I have tested various products for my hair in order to get a great blow dry. One product that has helped me to get a smooth …

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Travel Food East West Coffee Wine F02

East-West Coffee and Wine- support local!

Even before the current health and economic pandemic I believed in supporting local business in my area. I run a small business so I understand how important support is essential for their survival.  If we don’t offer our patronage then we have a bunch of chain dining venues run by multi nationals. My area is slowly opening up with outside …

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Health  My Routine Good Nights Sleep F03

My routine for a good nights sleep!

For me, sleep is imperative! Some people can go with a small amount of sleep and function but I can’t. I need my full eight hours to feel rejuvenated. Right now with the health, emotional and financial crisis we are facing I need self love and care even more. Sleep is now paramount for me to function and I follow …

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Health Illume Candles Soothing Scents F01

Illume candles- soothing scents for my soul

It has been an adjustment working from home when I spent so much time traveling for business. I had to recreate the correct vibe in my home so I could start working. It starts with the right comforting music and then scent which is so important for the senses. I am a fan of organic handles with fresh scents that …

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