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Food Travel Sketch London F01

Hot Pink Sketch- London

I love travel because it opens my mind and allows me to expand my horizons. Even on business travel I try to appreciate my surroundings a bit more these days and take it all in. On I a recent business trip to London I was fortunate to have afternoon tea with my clients at the gallery at Sketch which was …

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Art Travel Glenstone F02

Glenstone- A private museum worth visiting!

When I was told that a great private museum Glenstone rested in Potomac Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC I was a bit apprehensive. The 204,000 square foot museum built on 203,000 acres by art collectors and philanthropists Mitchell and Amy Rales is surrounded by a beautiful landscape setting. Besides the modern art, there are many paths, trails and meadows …

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PETRA PIECES- Handmade Sterling jewelry in Petra

Traveling expands my mind and horizons by filtering all that I learn about different cultures. On a recent trip with Abercrombie and Kent with my industry colleagues I was able to explore Jordan and see all the magical sights. I adore purchasing items that are made locally and that help local communities, especially woman in regions like the Middle East. …

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Art Travel Showroom F

Jordan River Foundation Showroom- Amman Jordan

On my recent visit to Jordan I had the pleasure to visit the Jordan River Foundation. Showroom in Amman is a beautifully designed house situated in a stunning garden that seems moons away from the busy street it sits on. As you enter the garden a sense of tranquility surrounds you and then you walk into the showroom with its …

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Art KCJazz Club

KC JAZZ CLUB at the Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC is a great venue for the performing arts. Located in the Heart of the City it affords people of all ages a chance to have art in their life’s. I grow up in an artistic family so for me art is a source of spiritual growth that enhances my soul and opens my mind. …

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Art Travel Archivo MexicoCity

Archivo- Mexico City

Archivo is a space in Mexico City dedicated to collecting, exhibiting and rethinking design and architecture. You can view more than 1,500 objects ranging from everyday Mexican design to International classics, showcasing the best of Mexican design, books and textiles. Throughout the year Archivo offer exhibitions, talks, workshops, screenings and other activities with a library specializing in design and architecture …

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Fashion Art Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan- Designer Extraordinaire!

I’m going to a wedding this Saturday right after returning from business travel and I am perplexed on what to wear as it is fall but feels more like summer. The wedding is black tie and very formal, so I am even more confused about my attire. Then I remembered a vintage Naeem Khan beaded dress I have in my …

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Art Vhernier

Classic and Elegant Jewelry- VHERNIER

I adore classic and elegant pieces of gold jewelry. The Italian jewelry company VHERNIER creates some amazing pieces with some semi-precious or precious stones. Simple, bold and beautiful, like art. I am enamored with their bold gold bangles with semi-precious stones inlaid. The bangles are architectural in design and similar to modern art, an item one can wear for years …

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Art Travel Tane Mexico

Tane- hand crafted Silver- Mexico

I have a fascination with Mexico because of the culture, cuisine and the warmth of the people. The craftsmanship in Mexico is astounding. There is such attention to detail and design. When it comes to Silver my go to is Tane. Currently they only sell online so if you like a piece you must venture to Mexico to purchase it. …

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ART Travel Casa Gilardi MexicoCity

Casa Gilardi- Mexico City

I was introduced to the work of Mexican architect and engineer Luis Barragan by a Mexican client of mine because of the love I have for architecture and design. Once again, my international travels have opened my mind and exposed me to areas I would have not encountered if it wasn’t for my travels. Luis Barragan is the only Mexican …

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