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Health Sled Pull

Sled Pull- Full Body Conditioning Workout!

With hours of sitting at my desk, business travel and life stresses comes back issues. To combat my back issues and other health and stress ailments I do my best to train like an athlete, which in my opinion means training strong. My time is limited so I want maximum results for my efforts without hurting my body. I have …

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Health Acure Organics

ACURE Organics- Brightening Facial Scrub and Mask

We all face so many elements attacking our faces from life’s stresses, climate change, pollution and dry cabins on airplanes. I have sensitive skin so I need products that cleanse and moisturize my skin but do not strip or irritate it. I have found the brand ACURE organics to be one of my best choices for a brightening facial scrub …

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Health Beauty PremierCru

Premier Cru the Elixir-Caudalie

I often get asked what I use to keep my facial skin moist while traveling for business when I have to endure dry air in airline cabins, long duration flights, fatigue and stress of frequent business travel. One of my secrets is to switch my skin care routine because we don’t wear the same clothes every day! I was recently …

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Health Fitness Assaulst Air Bike

The Assault Air Bike- My exercise demon!

With age can come health issues and mine is my back thus I must exercise to get it strong so that I can function and take care of my daily life! There can be no excuses for me because the pain can be so excruciating that I must take off from work and remain immobile. Jay Morgan my trainer works …

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Health Exercise Strength 02

A strong FIT woman is a smart Woman!

As we get older, I feel it is even more imperative as a woman to get into shape to be able to deal with life’s changes, protect oneself physically and fight off disease. I think exercising at an older age is for reasons other than when I was exercising when younger. I know I must exercise to deal with the …

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Beauty Health My Favorite Facial Sunscreen

My favorite facial sunscreen!

I learned from my Mother early on that sunscreen is a must 365 days a year. Just because the sun is not shining doesn’t mean the UV rays can’t cause damage to our facial skin. I wear a sunscreen every day and the results are noticeable in fighting premature aging. I believe in preventive care especially for those of us …

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Health Travel My Favorite HotelSpas Business Travel

Three of my favorite Hotel Spas while on Business travel!

Those of us that travel a great deal, especially on long haul flights, know the benefits of a massage or foot reflexology upon arrival to our destination. A message assists in restoring our bodies internal clock to the zone we have just arrived in as it helps remove toxins and assist with our blood flow and circulation. If I am …

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Health Fitness Pushing Myself F03

Pushing myself to achieve my exercise goals!

As a person reaches a certain age it is in my opinion imperative to exercise to keep one healthy and in a great mental zone. Exercise allows me to put aside time for myself to reflect and to get strong. As a woman, we are so busy taking care of work, family and other responsibilities that we tend to place …

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Travel Health InFlight Skincare

My in flight skincare routine on long haul flights

I just finished a 20 hour long haul flight to Asia. Traveling often on flights over 10 hours has taught me to combat the dry air on most international flights with my in flight skin care routine.   I have lots of time so why not hydrate my skin with natural products and use my many hours of flight time …

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Health Agility Ladder

Agility Ladder- My Fitness Goals

As I mature I fee l like I need to enhance my athletic training to stay strong, healthy and combat any maladies. Jay Morgan of born to be fit is a great personal trainer who has introduced me to the agility ladder as a new form of exercise for me. With the agility ladder I have learned to tackle fast …

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