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Travel Health InFlight Skincare

My in flight skincare routine on long haul flights

I just finished a 20 hour long haul flight to Asia. Traveling often on flights over 10 hours has taught me to combat the dry air on most international flights with my in flight skin care routine.   I have lots of time so why not hydrate my skin with natural products and use my many hours of flight time …

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Health Agility Ladder

Agility Ladder- My Fitness Goals

As I mature I fee l like I need to enhance my athletic training to stay strong, healthy and combat any maladies. Jay Morgan of born to be fit is a great personal trainer who has introduced me to the agility ladder as a new form of exercise for me. With the agility ladder I have learned to tackle fast …

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HealthBeauty AESOP

AESOP- The Australian hand & Body Savior

My sister Sherry gave a me the AESOP hand & body creams as a birthday gift. There are so many products on the market these days that I was skeptical to use them and just placed them in my office desk drawer. AESOP was founded in Melbourne Australia in 1987 with a commitment to make effective products that the consumer …

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Health Elure Skincare

ELURE- Skin Care

As we age, hormonal and other changes make our facial skin react. There is no way around these dark spots, age spots and uneven skin tones. With age comes certain changes that we woman have to deal with! I try to eat healthy, exercise and reduce stress as much as I can but aging is a fact of life. Through …

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Health Mad Hipppie Vitamin C Serum

Mad Hippie- Vitamin C Serum

As we grow older our facial skin changes and especially for those of us that travel a great deal we constantly battles the dry air on airplane cabins. I have found that applying a vitamin C serum under my moisturizer daily assists with my facial skin looking brighter, tighter and more toned. I always wear a sunscreen over the serum …

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Fitness Stress Burner Yoga

Stress Burner Yoga

Our company gets together with all our general managers once a year to discuss operational and marketing issues, have fun and bond. This year we held our corporate retreat at the Salamander Resort in beautiful Middleburg Virginia. Even though just an hour away from Washington DC it felt like being worlds away in the beautiful Virginia horse and wine country. …

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Health New Years Resolution 01

My Health & Fitness Resolutions

With the New Year upon us my health & fitness resolutions are to get stronger and fit. I feel that especially being a woman of a certain age, the best investment I can make is in me. We all face juggling work, family, taking care of elderly parents and finally some time for ourselves. I sometimes feel my needs are …

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Fitness Health TRX

TRX- Suspension Training System

The TRX suspension training system inspires me to get fit. I started using the TRX system with my trainer Jay Morgan who believes in pushing one to one’s ultimate potential. His sessions are intense and one has to be in the right mindset as one is moving fast and the sessions are furious. I get bored easily and the introduction …

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Health Flawless Skin

Flawless Skin

I am often asked what my secret is to great skin at my age. Of course genetics, diet & exercise play a large role but a great dermatologist is a skin savior. I was told at an early age by my Mother who has flawless skin to stay out of the sun, wear sunscreen on my face every single day, …

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Fitness Battling Ropes

Dueling Battling Rope Exercise

This week I would like to share a new exercise that I have been introduced to by Jay Morgan of Born to Be Fit that I find to be very effective. The dueling battling rope exercise though daunting for me at first improves your conditioning, increases your metabolic rate & improves your endurance & strength. We all need to shock …

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