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Health MyGoToClassicalMusicApp IDAGIO F01

My Go To Classical Music App- Idagio

In this time of social distancing , staying and working from home I find classical music very soothing. It relaxes my soul and quiets my mind. I recently found Idagio, an app on iTunes which is a classical music streaming app that has millions of content in its catalog.   You can select music by composers, mood, name of song …

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Health MyNoise MyAppforsoundswhenMeditating F01

MyNoise- My App for sounds when Meditating

I have been meditating for years to deal with stress and other life issues. The process of meditation has helped silence my mind and bring a level of tranquility into my life. I started meditating decades ago with my Aunt Farideh who was a vanguard for her time. She taught me the importance of relaxing the soul and self care. I …

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Health Beauty NOW Argan Oil F01

NOW- Organic Argan Oil to soothe the skin  

I am a big fan of organic Moroccan Argan oil which is perfect for hair, skin and even cuticles. It is pure and goes on smoothly. I always carried a bottle of NOW organic argan oil when I used to travel a great deal for business. It provided me with a natural solution for dry skin caused by being in flight …

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Health Beauty NOW Eucalyptus Oil Refresh Senses F01

NOW- Eucalyptus Oil- to refresh the senses

With these trying time when we are staying at home juggling health, work, family and finances I feel it is important to be centered. Scent is important to me for my health and the aura of my home. I light a diffuser with essential oils to clean the air and change the energy around my home. One of my favorite …

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Health Fitness My Daily Walk Feed My Body Soul F01

My daily walk to feed my body & soul!

In these stressful times it is easy to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and fatigued. There is so much that we have to deal with from staying at home, taking care of elderly parents, children, being laid off, worrying about money and just the mental duress of seeing ones we know and love dealing with the virus! While I am working at …

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Beauty Health TFMandarinoDiAmalfi Bodyspray F01

TF Mandarino Di Amalfi body Spray to refresh my Senses

I deal with stress with centering my body and soul, allowing the toxic energy to dissipate. Scent plays a large equation in my healing process, recalling positive moments in my life. When it comes to scent I gravitate to candles and body sprays that are organic, light, clean and citrus. The Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi body spray gives me a …

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Beauty Health RitaHazan RootConcealerTouchUpSpray F01

Rita Hazan- Root Concealer Touch Up Spray

I used to travel a great deal for business before the global virus crisis required us all to stay home to eliminate the spread of the virus. I have always had a plan of action to take care of my personal needs while on the road especially when I was traveling to remote parts of the globe. What I learned …

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Beauty Health RitaHazan Touchupstickbrowtemple F01

Rita Hazan- Touch up stick for brow & temple

We are facing unprecedented times and self care is of utmost importance. For me, taking care of my body allows me to calm down my mind and know that I will be ok and prevail through these difficult times. When I am able to take care of myself during trying times it gives my a brain moral booster. I might …

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Health Beauty Aesop ReverenceAromatiqueHandBalm F01

Aesop- Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm  

In these challenging times I am being safe and constantly washing my hands which is leaving them dry and red. I found a natural hand balm that works really well for my skin, applying it generously before I go to bed and allowing it to work throughout the night. Aesop’s reverence aromatique hand balm is a rich balm that provides …

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Health Beauty Scents That Ease My Soul F01

Scents that ease my soul

During times of crisis it is difficult for me to concentrate. I feel there are so many items that are bombarding me at the same time.  I have learned to just handle one task at a time and take it one day at a time. This practice allows me to silence my mind and not get too overwhelmed.  Certain scents place …

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