The Thai Lounge on the bay in Mexico is a magical experience. For a moment I thought I was in Asia. Palapas set out throughout an exotic garden surrounded by lush foliage on one side and the bay on the other.

The Palapas whether directly on the bay or in the garden offer a tantalizing dining experience especially at night where the lights twinkle over the bay and garden. The Thai lounge is an Indian-Thai fusion restaurant with authentic food.

Prepared with fresh ingredients, spices, and family recipes the dishes are delicious. The ambience is so special, but the food adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the meal. My favorite dishes are the Chicken Tikka that melts in my mouth with the vegetable biryani, the shrimp Thai, and the curry dishes. The curry dishes are some of the best I have had outside of Asia.

To sit in a palapa overlooking the water, sipping a fresh passion fruit margarita, and eating the refined freshly prepared food is nirvana! The service is so warm and inviting coupled with the view and food you just cannot find a better venue for a special night out.  After visiting the Thai lounge, I left relaxed and my palate was so content with the freshly prepared and authentic dishes..