The Banyan Tree Alula is a sensory experience. A sanctuary situated in the stunning, unique, and peaceful Ashar Valley of Saudi Arabia. A direct flight from Dubai, Jeddah, or Riyadh.

The Banyan Tree Alula allows one to experience the natural beauty of the Ashar Valley with historic rock formations, an oasis trail lined with date palms, ancient archaeological sites such as Dadan & Hegra and an Old Town with nine hundred mud brick houses, unique shops, and town squares.

To relax, there is the impressive holistic spa with an array of natural & local treatments, a natural rock pool overlooking the valley that takes one’s breath away and trails for hiking and recharging one’s soul.

The tent villas offer the most luxurious accommodation with fire pits and outdoor seating. There are villas that have private pools, one, two & three bedrooms with this unique slice of nature as a backdrop, A tranquil location to meditate and reflect. To watch the stars at night with no obstruction. To be at peace with one’s own soul.

To dine there is the Saffron Thai restaurant providing award winning cuisine and Harrat which highlights local cuisine, crafts, and handwork. Harrat decorated with local art & handicrafts which enhances one’s cultural experience in the region.

To stay at the Banyan Tree Alula is an experience of mindfulness, relaxation and recharging one’s spirits.