Message In A Bottle-Kennedy Center-Washington, DC
April 19, 2024

Message In a Bottle is a musical dance journey directed and choreographed by award winner Kate Prince set to the music…

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How Lobbying and Advocacy Shape America’s Political Landscape– by guest contributor Chip Burkhalter
January 30, 2024

Lobbying and advocacy play an integral role in the American political system. It is one of the keyways citizens and…

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Visionary Not Reactionary- An Exhibition curated by “For Freedoms”-Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy
June 9, 2023

The Visionary Not Reactionary exhibit at the Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy curated by “For Freedoms” is riveting. The free gallery…

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Kavant & Sharat- Origami brushed gold & champagne diamond Earrings
February 27, 2020

I feel it is so important to support and uplift local artisans, so that the globe doesn’t become one chain store!…

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Bina Goenka- Handcrafted Custom Jewelry
February 14, 2020

I came across the work of Bina Goenka on my last business trip to India. I was mesmerized by her craftsmanship…

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Marco de Vincenzo- Creative and Glam Shoes
January 31, 2020

In my travels I come across some interesting and innovative young designers that I might not come across in the US….

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Hot Pink Sketch- London
January 17, 2020

I love travel because it opens my mind and allows me to expand my horizons. Even on business travel I try…

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Glenstone- A private museum worth visiting!
November 15, 2019

When I was told that a great private museum Glenstone rested in Potomac Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC I was…

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PETRA PIECES- Handmade Sterling jewelry in Petra
November 23, 2018

Traveling expands my mind and horizons by filtering all that I learn about different cultures. On a recent trip with Abercrombie…

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Jordan River Foundation Showroom- Amman Jordan
November 23, 2018

On my recent visit to Jordan I had the pleasure to visit the Jordan River Foundation. Showroom in Amman is a…

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