Totem Heritage Center- Ketchikan Alaska
July 12, 2024

The Totem Heritage Center in Ketchikan Alaska has a magnificent collection of 19th century totem poles brought from the Tlingit villages…

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Second US Passports why you might need one?
June 28, 2024

Why would a US citizen need a second US passport? A second US passport issued for four years is a necessity…

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Personal Fitness with Guille Fernandez while in Southern Spain– by guest contributor Kristin Zern
June 14, 2024

Turn your vacation into something special with a dose of personalized exercise while in Spain with personal trainer Guille Fernandez…

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Planta Cocina- Marina Del Rey
May 3, 2024

Planta Cocina in Marina Del Rey is a wonderful plant based and vegan restaurant. Right on the waterfront it has a…

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Frog’s Leap Winery-Rutherford-Napa Valley
April 12, 2024

On a beautiful Spring Day, I drove with my family to Napa Valley for a fantastic day of wine tasting. The…

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Chef Chu’s-Gourmet Chinese Fare
April 5, 2024

On a recent visit to northern California, I was invited to dinner at Chef Chu’s Chinese gourmet restaurant. An institution with…

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La Bonne Vache- Washington, DC
February 9, 2024

La Boone Vache is a wonderful new local French inspired neighborhood restaurant in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC.  The…

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How Lobbying and Advocacy Shape America’s Political Landscape– by guest contributor Chip Burkhalter
January 30, 2024

Lobbying and advocacy play an integral role in the American political system. It is one of the keyways citizens and…

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Brazil EVISAS-Required effective April 10, 2024
January 5, 2024

The Government of Brazil is requiring all US passport holders to have an electronic visa or EVISA effective April 10, 2024….

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YELLOW the café- Cuisine from the Levant- Washington, DC
December 29, 2023

YELLOW café by Chef Michael Rafidi is a slice of heaven in the historic Georgetown section of Washington, DC. This small…

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