In my travels I come across some interesting and innovative young designers that I might not come across in the US. I like exploring and searching out new talent. If we don’t support these young designers, the whole globe will just be a few large retail brands.

Further, young designers like Marco de Vincenzo would not have a forum to showcase their vision and design. I came across Marco de Vincenzo’s shoes while I was on business travel in Italy.

I was taken by the craftmanship, use of beautiful materials and design. On the evening shoes each crystal is laid by hand and crafted in Italy by skilled artisans. His evening shoes are a work of art and for a special occasion as I can’t usually walk in vey high heels.

Marco de Vincenzo started his a career at Fendi and went on to start his own label in 2009. That same year he won a prestigious competition run by Vogue Italy. His designs are innovation but experimental, elegant with a mix of a hip rock n roll attitude!