Turn your vacation into something special with a dose of personalized exercise while in Spain with personal trainer Guille Fernandez at Featness Gym in Jerez in Southern Spain.

Instead of losing any gains from working out at home, turn your vacation into a way to enhance your fitness level. At the very least you can eat almost anything with abandonment without a bad effect. You won’t go home heavier. A work out with Guillermo can include Spa treatments as well.

My favorite active vacation includes my sessions with Guillermo who is from Jerez and speaks six languages including English and is such a creative trainer that you never feel bored. He takes a simple rope and turns it into a tool of fitness. You can tell how much he loves his work. He trains people of all ages and fitness levels. After evaluating your status, he works on your weakest points and depending on how long you’ll be in Jerez he then works out a schedule for you. He’s a perfect blend of a trainer and a physical therapist. He understands the human body at any age.

Some of his clientele include a very fit priest who is 79, a retired US military officer who has been to the middle east for several tours of duty and now lives in Jerez with his family, and a young American man in his twenties who has relocated to Jerez. You will become part of this extensive family of all ages and fitness levels!

Fitness sessions with Guillermo only takes an hour out of your day leaving you plenty of plenty of time to eat elegant meals at a local restaurant (some Michelin rated), visit the famous sherry bodegas, have a flamenco experience, watch the amazing show of horses and riders at the Fundación de Caballos. Take in the beautiful food at the old market, or just rest and reflect.