Planta Cocina in Marina Del Rey is a wonderful plant based and vegan restaurant. Right on the waterfront it has a chic casual vibe. Very Southern California in spirit with outdoor seating facing the marina and a soothingly designed interior.

Even though seasonally cooler than usual we sat outside overlooking the marina and opened the menu to start our plant-based journey which we found to be enjoyable and informative. Plants are prepared in a creative manner which makes the taste exceptional. We started with the eggplant nigiri, the rabota grilled street corn & Japanese eggplant, the avocado and beet tartare, and the shiitake mushroom lettuce wraps. Each dish was more interesting than the others in taste & flavor.

My favorite was the avocado and beet terrine which had the most incredible texture with capers, pine nuts, citrus soy, sesame & cilantro mixed in served with taro chips, it was delicious and extremely feeling. The whole vibe of planta cocina is very friendly and comfortable. Coupled with the delicious natural food we consumed we had an incredible food discovery journey.