Message In a Bottle is a musical dance journey directed and choreographed by award winner Kate Prince set to the music of Grammy winner Sting. In Washington DC for a limited run at the Kennedy Center.

It follows the story of a family displaced from their home and the journey that they lead that brings them through harrowing events. What sets this dance theater apart is the magnificent fourteen dancers and the music of Sting rearranged and imagined for this piece. There are other vocalists that are singing and reinterpreting Stings’ songs, and their own, which makes it even more unique. The dance ranges from ballet to hip hop and modern dance. There is graceful and athletic movement which mixes seamlessly with the music. Each scene highlighted by the lighting and set design.

The storyline would not be clear to me if I had not read the introduction, but it does not matter as the dancing and music are mesmerizing. I would like to return to see the dance again so I can take in all the specific nuances.