The Visionary Not Reactionary exhibit at the Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy curated by “For Freedoms” is riveting. The free gallery nights are June 8, June 22, and July 6. Tickets are gratis but a reservation must be made in advance online.

“For Freedoms founded in 2016 by a coalition of artists, academics, and organizers. For Freedom continues to be an artist led and is dedicated to awakening a culture of listening, healing, and justice”.  It was soothing to return to the Meridian Campus because my mother Homa, when my Father was a diplomat in Washington, DC was part of the Meridian House International where she met a great group of ladies that became close friends of hers. For her it was about exploring different cultures and learning about the new American culture that she was suddenly immersed in.

The exhibition speaks about the social injustices of the past and present. I spoke to artist Martha Jackson Jarvis. She explained that her work titled, “Luke Valentine Sonic Journey Breaking Silence” is about her grandfather that fought in the civil war during segregation. Her passion for her art comes through when she explains the piece with such detail and love. It was an honor to meet Martha and learn about her journey and that of her family,

Gratitude to Terry Harvey the Vice-President of cultural programs for giving me a tour and explaining the pieces to me in detail. Many thanks to my dear friend Elizabeth Duggal, who is currently chairing the Meridian Cultural Diplomacy Center for inviting me to this important exhibition.

Art is such an important median to express one’s raw emotions.  Anytime I see a new exhibition it just brightens my soul and centers me.