Why I am obsessed with Donna Karan is not because she is one of the most celebrated & talented female designers of our time but the fact that she created the Urban Zen foundation. The foundation is about well- being, empowering children & preserving cultures. Points that are extremely important to us all.

The Urban Zen stores based in Sag Harbor & New York City are microcosms of the Urban Zen Philosophy. Selling clothes and other items created by Donna Karan and others in the global community. I was honored to meet Ms. Karan and have her select some clothes for me. Her kindness and humanity resonate when you are face to face with her. When I walked into the Sag Harbor store with my family during Thanksgiving weekend it was not about shopping but being a part of a global family. Proceeds from sales go to the foundation. Visit the locations, get involved in person or online!