Guest blogger, humanitarian and international man of travel, J. David Bailey is 93 years young and has traveled all seven continents but his travels and experiences in Libya is what he shares with us below:

“As a student of ancient history the country of Libya (inhibited as early as 8,000 BC) has always fascinated me. Occupied earlier by the Phoenicians and Ancient Greeks it later became a part of the Holy Roman Empire in Africa.

When the State Department, after 28 years, began to allow U.S. Citizen to visit Libya, I was with the first group of American to enter this country in May 2004.

I was then able to visit the stunning ruins, architecture and medinas of the Greco-Roman period of world history. Noteworthy these cities of the Roman Empire had been long lost under the desert sands of Libya before archaeologist brought them to the surface.

The discovery of these sites offered to me a unique and fascinating view of both Africa and the Greco-Roman world all painstakingly restored and documented.

As a world traveler I have visited all seven continents and have circumnavigated the earth, but my visit to Libya was truly the icing on the cake.”