As we get older, I feel it is even more imperative as a woman to get into shape to be able to deal with life’s changes, protect oneself physically and fight off disease. I think exercising at an older age is for reasons other than when I was exercising when younger. I know I must exercise to deal with the stress life brings on and when I don’t for any number of reasons I feel the difference in my body and soul.

My Trainer Jay Morgan of the Urban Athletic Club feels that a woman of any age should be strong! Strong by incorporating heavier weights into one’s routine. Jay feels that deadlifts, pulls, farmers walks, barbell squats, rows and bench presses are just a few strength training exercises that can get a woman strong and fit.

I always thought that strength training with heavier weights would make me bulky but I have found out that is not the case. Heavier weights build muscle and for those of us that have back issues we can strengthen our core. We are not adding bulk but getting stronger.

Strength is so important in empowering us to lead our daily lives and to take care of ourselves.