My recent trip to India was a feast for my eyes and senses. What I really enjoyed was an introduction to Indian high fashion. The creatives and the unique craftsmanship of the Indian fashions I saw were breathtaking. From the hand beading, detailed fabrics and beautiful colors it all composed a chic but festive pieces of clothing.

The brand Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla showcased the most intricate craftsmanship with beading and designs that I had not seen in the west. I learned that Sandeep Khosla is one of the pioneers of Indian High Fashion.

I visited the store in New Delhi were I could have just hours admiring the handmade pieces of fashion that to me where more like pieces of art. Indian in sensibility but with a style that can be easily worn in the west.

A big part of travel for me is to experience new cultures and find designers like Sandeep Khosla that push the envelope of design and Fashion. I love to explore and when I come across such amazing Indian designers like Sandeep Khosla it inspires my own creativity and style.