I am a big believer in serums. I feel they give my skin the added boost that I need to fight aging, free radicals and stress. I always place a serum under my daily moisturizer. It gives me an extra layer of protection especially when I am traveling.

I like to mix up my serums so that my skin doesn’t get used to any one product. Some of my favorite organic facial skin care products are from Acure because their products are vegan free and gentle for my sensitive skin. Further, their products are paraben free, sulfate fee, mineral oil free, petrolatum free, cruelty free and formaldehyde free. I feel confident knowing I am not placing chemicals on my face.

My favorite serum that they carry for my skin type is the brightening glowing serum which contains argan oil, borage oil, cranberry seed oil and pumpkin seed oil. The various oils restore moisture, soothe and add antioxidant protection.

My facial skin looks radiant and glowing after multiple uses. Plus, I love the price point which is affordable!