I am obsessed with Italian food and when I travel to Italy I completely forget about any diet and enjoy the amazing food with passion and no regrets. From morning to night I am immersed in all of the fresh gastronomic creations placed in front of me.

I was introduced to the restaurant AL MORO by my Italian friends who recommended this classical ROMAN cuisine at its finest. Located close to the Trevi fountain, Al MORO has a classic decor and attentive staff with truly delectable food. AL MORO is not a restaurant about décor, it is about the cuisine.

I have been several times and have tried many of the homemade pastas but my favorite is the pasta with Funghi (mushrooms) which melts in my mouth. The pasta bolognese and the carbonara are outstanding as well. For a main course I have sampled the grill fish, fresh with a light sauce on the side and the veal. The fried zucchini flowers if in season, are fantastic as is the fresh mozzarella

AL MORO’s homemade tarts and gelatos are truly a gift to enjoy at the end of your meal. Even though, I was totally full, these sweet creations could not be missed. AL MORO is truly a dining experience for one that wants to savor quintessential Italian fare in Rome.