Being in the marketing field I am obsessed by innovators like restaurateur Alan Yau. London based Alan Yau takes the art of dining and transforms it to a higher level. His restaurants are dining experiences with extreme attention to detail from the food presentation, to the décor and team that services each venue. Each new restaurant takes the par higher, allowing the guest to have a passionate interaction with the venue.

When visiting my family in Monaco I was fortunate to visit Song Qi Yau’s new fine Chinese dining establishment in Monaco. I wrote a blog post about Song Qi and the jewel like atmosphere in this small but tantalizing dining venue.

Park Chinois located in Mayfair is Alan Yau’s newest Chinese restaurant in London. It’s over the top glamour, sophisticated ambience and live music allows one to travel back to another era. This two floor creation allows one to not only have a meal but ones senses are wakened because of the extreme attention to detail. Every aspect from the place settings, to fabrics used in the furniture and lighting is meticulously planned. The music is original and causes one to return not just for the food but to listen to the music, have a libation and relax. For me Park Chinois is more than food but what I take away from my personal experience because life is about my experiences.

In this time of mass production it is refreshing to enter a restaurant where you are taken aback and one where you can ponder and reflect. Park Chinois is posh and opulent in décor but with tinge of history and a feel of a Chinese speak easy. I am a fan of Alan Yau because he pushes the extreme and allows one to imagine, ponder & reflect!