I was recently in Miami and I am in LOVE with the store Alchemist!!! Their store is truly a curated selection of designer items. Their style & selection is so unique in an age of cookie cutter stores and merchandise. I know the word “CURATED” has been beaten to death but they have such a keen eye.

Currently they have two stores at 1111 Lincoln Road at the beautiful parking lot designed by the Swiss architecture firm of Herzog & De Meuron. The first museum like glass & steel structure on the 5th floor of the parking lot and the 2nd is on the street level. The store on 5th floor of the parking lot sells men’s & woman’s wear while the store on street level is just woman’s clothes and accessories. If in Miami you must go and explore. Then go to the 7th floor of the parking lot & you will have the most amazing view of the Miami Skyline- stunning!