I am head over heels obsessed with Alessandro Michele, the new creative director of GUCCI because he has brought a new funky vibe to the iconic brand. His mix of classic, vintage and romantic designs has given fashion a much needed new air.

I am always on the lookout for key clothing pieces and accessories that can change my look. Being on the road so often I don’t have much time to think about my wardrobe selection.

As the creative director Alessandro has gone into the GUCCI archives and updated the classic designs with a super modern but quirky flair. The designs are young, hip but individual with a true air of the Italian “La Dolce Vita”. Wearable for all ages.

From the handbags that are either lady like with multi colored leather with a top handle, in shocking pink leather with a ribbon for a handle or florals with a metal chain and luxurious closures. The combination of materials and designs are sexy but subtle, glamorous but wearable.

The shoes with stacked platforms in metallic, sandals with pearls and spikes to the classic black logo boot with pearls adorning the heel are modern but with a serious vintage & rock and roll vibe.

Though all the clothes don’t fit with my lifestyle they are beautifully designed pieces with a lady like flair but with a serious individual style. Fashion to me is about expressing one’s own style and having fun.

GUCCI with Alessandro Michele at the helm allows me to go on magical tour of his designs and vision!