In the past few months I haven’t been writing about fashion because we have had so many health concerns. It just didn’t seem plausible.

As a female Middle Eastern entrepreneur I realized that I had to write and share information about other ethnic female entrepreneurs as it is vital we support each other!

I have been enamored by Amina Muaddi’s footwear designs for a while. This Jordanian designer now works in Paris and has her shoes made in Italy. She is a powerhouse of en trend designs.

Her clear footwear with the clear heels are my favorites. A Cinderella type of shoe that can be worn with everything. Sexy but simple.

Known for her strappy sandals they seem not quite wearable now but I hope with time they can be reworn once we have better days ahead.

Amina was selected by Rihanna to design the footwear launch for her luxury fashion brand Fenty.  

This is a huge achievement for this ethnic designer to be collaborating with Rihanna and Fenty.

I will be showcasing more Middle Eastern designers as at times their voices are not heard in the west.

It’s time be more inclusive!