I adore trying different cuisines when I travel as it opens up the culinary world to me. I was told to try the ANAR restaurant (Pomegranate in Farsi) located at the Madinat Jumeirah while in Dubai. ANAR serves authentic Persian food located on a pleasant venue on the water. It was walking distance from the Art Dubai activities.

We sat outside on the water and ordered, Salad Shirazi which is fine chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and onion salad with a lemon–olive oil vinaigrette, a roasted eggplant appetizers and chicken, lamb & beef kebabs served with mouthwatering basmati rice. Before our food arrived we were served homemade bread baked in the special fire oven along with fresh herbs (sabzi).

The food is fresh, delectable and delicious. At first I thought it might be a bit touristy but after tasting the different selection of culinary treats worries were put to rest. This was truly the case after I tried the fresh brewed Persian tea and tantalizing Persian sweets.