My fascination with Andy Warhol started in my youth. I was intrigued with this fragile looking artist that created a new medium and had his own posse of friends that surrounded his ever action. As a marketing executive I feel he was the original creator of social media. He tested boundaries and introduced a medium of art that was nonexistent before him.

His Polaroid silkscreens started a new genre of art that mixed fashion, lifestyle and the creation of his own brand. Andy Warhol was an originator in so many different facets. He pushed the boundaries and drew us into his interpretation of art. Art that was not serious but social, fun and featuring portraits of celebrities, royal figures and grocery objects.

Before APPLE came along with their branding, Andy Warhol knew all about branding and being an iconic force of nature in respect to marketing. His every move was calculated for full publicity and exposure. If he was around today he would be the KING of all social media.

Christies is auctioning his Polaroid’s through an online auction for a limited period. Even after his death there is a fascination and mystic to this man of many visual talents.