October is being called Passport Awareness Month by the US Department of State Passport Services. The US Department of State wants to encourage US citizens to apply for their passport in non-peak seasons such as Fall and Winter.

This will allow for a smoother processing experience for the applicant since volume is usually lower. Our companies Travel Document Systems and Pinnacle Travel Documents can assist you with all your passport needs. We are committed to providing the best customer service to our clients.

We know that passport processing can be daunting, so we have created instructions that we feel take the guess work out of passport processing. Whether you are applying for a passport renewal, new issue, legal name change or a second passport we can assist with all your passport needs.

The US Passport Services also want to make sure that US passport holders check the validity on their passports. A large majority of countries require US passports to be valid for six months after the completion of the trip. If the passport is not valid for six months, the traveler could encounter entry problems such as being detained or deported.