Aquazzura pink satin mules are my cat’s meow! Are thy practical-No but it does not matter. After two and a half years of wearing sneakers, combat boots and flats I am craving a pair of pink satin mules with crystal heels. Not rational but how I feel.

I do not really have a place to wear them but my urge for retail therapy that I have suppressed for over two years is coming out in full force. It could also be that this November the weather is so spring like, so I do not feel like we are in winter.

Why would I succumb to my urge for retail therapy when I have been so good wearing the numerous pairs of shoes I currently have in my closet. I could be that I want some sort of normalcy back in my life when I did dress and go out. Earning for a time where life was simpler instead of all the frictions I am facing now.

I dream of pairing these pink satin mules with slim black pants, a simple evening dress or with favorite jeans. I see these mules as a form of liberation from my current routine! A little sexy once in a while isn’t a crime.