What I enjoy most about traveling is being able to experience different cultures and cuisines. Dubai is truly a city that can place one on sensory overload as there is so much to see, taste and view.

I am a fan of the Armani/Amal Indian restaurant located at the Armani hotel in Dubai because it is an elegantly designed setting and it gives one a sense of calm in this bustling exotic city.

The food is beautifully prepared and presented adding to the savory tastes. The various curries, grilled meats and basmati rice’s are delicious and prepared in a modern style but with traditional spices and ingredients. Whether you sit inside in the chic setting or outside on the expansive terrace you will have an memorable experience.

The Armani/Amal leaves one in a peaceful state of ZEN with the decoration, food and service. Amal means HOPE in Arabic and Arman/Amal provides that feeling to one.

Of the many restaurants in Dubai Armani/Amal has to be one of my favorites. I adore Indian food and tis dining venue delivers an authentic dining experience in a stunningly peaceful setting.