The Armani Cafe in Cannes is a perfect stop to have a libation after taking a brisk walk by the water, after a meeting or just after sightseeing. Located on the “Boulevard de Croisette” this café has indoor and outdoor seating and the best coffee and small bites to relish while looking at on the Mediterranean.

What I adore about Cannes is the accessibility to always get a quick meal and libation with a stunning view. There are many cafes right on the water when weather and the season permit. The Armani café is a mainstay because it is open year-round.

I was in Cannes in January 2023 and enjoyed a leisurely café au lait while gazing out on the water during sunset. The sun setting over the Mediterranean was mesmerizing leaving an orange-red sky. The central location of the Armani Cafe in the heart of downtown Cannes is great meeting point for venturing out to explore all the surrounding sights.

I had to return to reality but I think often of my afternoon sunset café au lait and it brings a smile to my soul!