Those of us that travel for business are constantly faced with making healthy choices with airline and hotel food and all types of different global cuisine. I know I try to eat well but at times it is very challenging.

When I go on vacation I make an effort to buy fresh produce, vegetables and eat well. Making sure I continue to treat my body like a temple and not a bodega.

On a recent visit to my sister’s in East Hampton, she introduced me to Round Swamp Farm, an amazing farm to table market that carries not only produce and vegetables but seafood, home made pies, muffins and a large assortment of take out foods.

The market and farm are a family business and all the items I tried were delicious. I especially relished the fresh fruits and vegetables; the watermelon, whether red or yellow, is mouth watering. It is pricey but then again you are feeding your body with wholesome nutrients it craves and deserves. Moreover, the farm to table food is making my body taking note of the freshness even more. It will not tolerate anything less.