I was recently in Dubai for the Art Dubai which was very interesting and innovative in execution. Having attended the Venice & Florence biennale this art fair was different because it consisted of contemporary art from artists from the Middle East, Africa & South Asia. Even though global galleries were represented it was nice to see contemporary & modern art from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iran, Nigeria and India to name a few. Regions were the art might not be really visible in the West. Ninety two galleries from 40 countries were represented featuring the work of more than 500 artists.

I enjoyed going through the different exhibitions, listening to the lectures and speaking to the gallery owners who eloquently described the artist they carried. To me art is the bridge between East & West bringing cultures together fostering peace and understanding. As a westerner born in the Middle East I was able to see both sides of the dialogue.

Even though the main event was in Dubai there were installations in the design district, Sharjah and throughout the main complex at Medinat Jumeirah. Art Dubai brought together, galleries, artists, collectors, museum groups, curators and individuals that wanted to be immersed and learn.

Personally every time I get out of my comfort zone I learn and enhance my knowledge which brightens my soul!