I decided that my Mother who has been inside her home for the past three months should get out for her well being and get some fresh air.

I had to take care of some business on the eastern shore of Maryland so I picked her up and we took the one and half hour drive to scenic St. Michaels.

It was nice to get out of the house and breath in the fresh air, look at the water and enjoy the stunning foliage.

I finished my business quicker than I thought and it was time to have some lunch before we drove back.  

I wanted a dining venue that was safe, served fresh seafood and served food outdoors.  
We found the perfect restaurant in Awful Arthur’s Seafood Company. Located in a historic townhouse in charming downtown St. Michaels.   

Awful Arthur’s has a charming garden with tables socially distanced so we felt comfortable. It was nice to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Our server was really accommodating and advised us to try the fresh local rockfish. We went with her suggestion and it was perfection.

The rockfish was grilled and juicy served with roasted fingerling potatoes and sautéed green beans. We had some fresh brewed ice tea with our lunch and enjoyed the garden ambience.

My mother really enjoyed being out after three months of homestay and especially in such a relax setting.  

We had a wonderful lunch and then took the scenic drive back home!