I adore the Zocalo or old section of Mexico City because It is so charming and full of history and culture. I love walking the square and seeing the Diego Rivera murals in the National Palace. These murals showcase the history of Mexico, the revolution and so many other issues such as race relations and ethnicity. They are stunning and their placement in the historic and grand National Palace are impressive.

When it comes to dining there are many nice restaurants near Zocalo but one of my favorites is Azul Historico, a short walk from all the cultural and historical sites. Award winning Chef Ricardo Munoz Zurita combines traditional Mexican recipes and translates them into delicious fare.

The setting is beautiful in a courtyard with large mature trees and lights placed beautifully throughout the trees illuminating the beautiful building. It is a romantic and comforting setting.

It is a treat to eat at Azul Historico because of the food, setting and ambience!