I adore Mexico City for its varied art and cultural scene. As the capital of Mexico, the city has so much to offer. Like any city with 20 million inhabitants it is important to be able to stroll in a park like Chapultepec park which covers 1,600 acres to relax, reflect and take in the sights. With lakes, forests, flora and fauna, monuments and 10 museums within the parameter of the park there is so much to explore. On Sundays, the museums are gratis so a perfect time to see locals enjoying the park and the art scene. The Chapultepec park is truly a microcosm of Mexico City.

Within the park is the Chapultepec Castle that sits atop the hill. I was fortunate to be able to see the Ballet Folkloric at the castle in an open-air venue. The combination of the ballet and the open-air venue made the performance even more special.

The performance I saw was a holiday performance that incorporated the stunning dancing, customs and music. It was a feast for my eyes and senses. The clothes were traditional and allowed one to see the intricacies of the local embroidery and beading. A great display of the handicrafts that make Mexico so special. The music was sensual and traditional at the same time. The dancing was graceful and full of soul.

I feel it is a must to see the Ballet Folkloric to understand the rich and deep heritage of Mexico!