Business travel exposes me to so many different people, cultures and places. I am very fortunate that I get to experience this globe of ours in such a fascinating manner!

On a recent visit to the South of France, I was invited to Baoli in Cannes for a charity event. Not only was I able to raise funds for an important cause but I was able to experience Baoli.

A multi dimensional complex at the port in Cannes which is a restaurant, lounge/club and an outdoor event space facing the port.

Baoli is a fun venue full of energy and a great location at the port away from the crowds of Cannes.

The food I tried was fresh and well prepared. A large selection of choices. What I adored most was the outdoor spaces so one can enjoy being out and watching the sunset over the port.

Especially when the weather is nice, it’s a great choice for dining, people watching and just having a nice time!