We live in a global environment that moves really fast so it is truly refreshing to go to a venue like Bar PX located in old town Alexandria. PX is an old fashion speakeasy where they only serve 25 guests at a time. You must ring the bell to get in and a reservation is required because of the size of the room. You will find PX relaxing, soothing and a tad sexy. Noted local Chef Cathal Armstrong’s has created a fantastic venue for relaxation and a customized libation.

On the second floor of an old building, PX is utterly charming and very retro. Drinks are handcrafted and one feels like one has stepped back in time. The bartenders are very accommodating and have their own special lists of custom libations.

PX is a great place to meet for a special occasion and a must for visitors to the nation’s capital that are looking for a different type of social setting. I adore Bar PX because it is a bit old school and elegant. A true speakeasy for modern times!