Travel opens my mind and feeds my soul. I feel we gravitate toward adventures that enhance our lives if we are lucky.  

I was very fortunate to travel to Bhutan last October. A thrilling experience that changed my life for the good. It was always my dream to visit this Buddhist monarchy tucked in the eastern Himalayan range.

My experience far out weighed what I had expected. The warm people, the untouched land and the mystic quality of each historical sight left me breathless and wanting to experience more.

The highlight was hiking to the tigers nest monastery which had been a dream but each aspect was an adventure. Further, the various monasteries that I visited confirmed to me the mystical nature of Bhutan. Seeing the monks give up all materialistic objects to attain the state of nirvana moved me beyond words.

At times it is difficult to articulate how one feels but I was at a point in my life where I was searching for a higher meaning to my life.  

Dharma Adventures provided a phenomenal private tour for me and my guide Sandeep and Karma made sure that I had the total experience by sharing their knowledge, and being so attentive and professional.

It is amazing to meet people that take such pride in their work and want to share their beautiful country with a stranger from a different land.