I am obsessed with feathers! They are whimsical, fun and bring me a lot of joy. We are all running 24/7 tending to business and family and I feel at times it is nice to be a bit escapist. Fashion to me is about experimentation and fun! One can be daring, mixing vintage, lower priced items and new luxury pieces together. Its all about one’s personal style.

I really adore the use of feathers with flats because you have comfort mixed with a touch of glamor. I adore the Valentino version which are flat suede sandals with the feather embellishment and a metallic finish leather sole.

There is a blue and burgundy feather version. These sandals are pricey, but I showcase them because of the use of the whimsical feathers with the flat casual sandal. I am sure there will be less pricey versions soon.

I can see these Valentino sandals with a summer dress, pants, a skirt and even for formal summer events with a long flowy chiffon dress.

Lets have fun this summer and enjoy the many variations of Fashion!