I spend so many hours on my desktop in my corporate US office or on my digital devices while traveling for business. At the end of the day I sense my eyes are extremely tired and my vision is not as clear as in the morning. The blue light from these devices is not healthy for me. With excessive use I feel my tired eyes make my entire system off kilter.

Tom Ford has come out with the blue block collection of clear protective lenses designed to reduce risk from blue light and increase visual comfort while using digital devices.

In true Tom Ford style and execution the frames for women are bold, simple but elegant. My favorite is the black aviator with the gold accents. While being stylish, these lenses allow me to protect my eyes from harmful blue light.

In this digital age it seems we have no choice but to work on our digital devices. At least I know these Tom Ford blue block lenses provide me with stylish protection I need for my eyes on a daily basis.