Bob Krist is truly a Man of Pictures! A contributor to National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian and other major publications. I am fortunate to have worked with Mr. Krist securing his visas while he has traveled the world taking his mesmerizing photographs. I came to know the kind and humble man that takes these stunning photographs that moves one.

What I adore about his work is that he is passionate about his craft and captures images that allow us to experience the moment first hand like we are present. We become a voyeur through his lens.

Bob Krist was asked about his style and influences. What makes his photographs so saturated with a strong perspective:

“I don’t want to sound like a total cretin, but all of my background was in the performing, not the visual arts. So I never studied the great painters. But as a completely self-taught photographer, I studied the pages of magazines, especially National Geographic, Life, Look, etc. until my eyes burned holes in the pages. My other influences at the time were Jay Maisel, Burt Glinn, Bruno Barbey, Ernst Haas…all masters of color, light, and moment.”

I hope you enjoy Bob Krist’s photographs as much as I have through the years!