For those of us that travel a great deal for business it is wonderful and comforting to have items with us that make us feel welcome on the road. For me, music is paramount because it places me in a state of Zen and reminds of positive moments. I might be far away from home, but my music connects me to sounds that make me happy and keep me positive even during the most grueling times.

When it comes to travel speakers I adore my Bose portable travel speakers because they are wireless, waterproof and rugged. The sound quality for portable speakers is amazing with an easy and seamless set up with my iPhone’s bluetooth connection.

Not only can I listen to my various playlist but I can also stream Pandora or Spotify with ease. My hotel room is instantly transformed into a concert hall and I can groove to my tunes while I get dressed, relax or work. The Bose portable speakers allow me to travel with great sound quality in a portable wireless devise.

Music feeds my soul and being able to listen to my play list with impeccable sound and ease makes business travel a little less daunting.