On my recent trip to Amagansett my family and I headed to the Amagansett Square to walk around and enjoy the local sights.

The square is a medley of local stores, quaint restaurants, a yoga studio, a hair salon and my favorite Botanica Bazaar.

The Botanica Bazaar is a small beauty emporium based around the concept of natural and healthy products. Whether it be makeup, skincare, hair products or perfumes.

They carry products that are sourced from natural ingredients, sustainable and  good for me!

I adore the Tata Harper skincare  products produced in Vermont from natural products sourced from their own farm. The face serum and the body oil are fantastic.

They go on flawlessly leaving my skin smooth but not greasy.

The eyeshadows are mineral based, smooth and go on flawlessly offering  me color with a bit of glitz.

Botanical Bazaar is a great place to get all types of natural beauty & skincare products.