Being the Chief Marketing Officer of Travel Document Systems and co-founder of Pinnacle Travel Document Systems can be hectic. We handle visa processing for US and Non-US passport holders with valid US Status so when countries change visa requirements it effects all our clients. We have to scramble to make sure we update all our informational outlets to allow our clients to have the latest information.

Recently Brazil went to an E-Visa System for US passport holders and certain other nationalities. An E-Visa is an electronic visa where the visa does not have to be stamped in the actual passport. The E-Visa consists of an e-mail conformation that is sent to the traveler after they complete online information and scan a photo.

In the past with the traditional stamped visa the processing was arduous and lengthy with each Brazilian visa office in the US having different requirements and processing times. The E-Visa allows more expeditious processing and more last-minute travel because it should work more efficiently with standardized requirements.

At times change can be a benefit for the travelers when an antiquated system is revalued to make it more user and customer service friendly. As long as the online system works well and doesn’t provide any issues then it should be a positive step taken by the Brazilian Government!