I was in Zurich recently for business and I had to stop by the iconic Café Schober for pastries and coffee!

Located in the old city of Zurich, this authentic café is ornately filled with mouthwatering delicious pastries. They are known for their Gugelhupf which is a traditional cake made with almonds and raisins.

Café Schober was founded in 1842 and is a perfect place to go for a sweet anytime but especially during the holidays when it is decorated with lights and holiday decorations. It is such an inviting and beautiful venue filled with wonderful tastes qnd treats.

Whether you have a fruit tart, a chocolate pastry or an assortment of petit fours you can’t go wrong. Each pastry is made on the premises with family handed down recipes.

The ambience in the old city is just as charming as is the wonderful pastries. The coffee is fresh and strong. The sipping chocolate is rich and decadent!

In my opinion a must go to when in Zurich.