I was recently in Rome for a short business trip but business travel will not deter me from experiencing some La Dolce Vita while in Rome. I adore sitting at a café and just people watching in this stunning city.

One of my favorite places to grab a coffee is Caffe Greco on the Via Condotti. Close to where I have my meetings, Caffe Greco, established in the 18th century with its ornate rooms and decoration, affords me the opportunity to relax and reflect in between my hectic day.

An institution in Rome, I adore the over the top ornate decorations and ambience that are a bit frayed but authentic. The amazing coffee and pastries recharge me for my day. The red fabric on the walls, the gilded framed paintings and the architecture are what make this caffe so different.

Caffe Greco has been a meeting place for the cities intellectuals, poets and writers for years. Only in Rome can one enjoy a cappuccino with such history around one. I savor my time there and look forward to returning on every visit, Caffe Greco is my special place that I truly had to share!