CANET founded in 1927 is the most delectable pastry and chocolate store in Nice France. I went to one of the locations with a wonderful café in the back tucked on a side street near the zone pieton (walking district in downtown).

The chocolates are hand made of fine milk or dark chocolate plain or with nuts, fruits, and marzipan. Poured over orange or grapefruit peels for a tangy sweet sensation. The petit-fours are works of art. Each handcrafted with chocolate, fresh cream, marzipan, and fresh fruits. We sat in the charming café section and had a café au lait with the most delicious petit-fours.  My favorites were the chocolate mousse, the baba-rhum and the marzipan/violet. Each with their own distinctive flavor and decoration.

CANET is about quality and skilled creations. Each chocolate or pastry I consumed was better than the next. One of my treats while in The South of France was my frequent visits to CANET. The artisanal creations are what sweet dreams are made of!