Right before the pandemic I was in Los Angeles for business and meet a client for lunch at Palisades Village where I discovered Carbon38 for the sexiest & most comfortable exercise clothes.

I adore their leggings in Takara shine because the high waist keeps everything tight and controlled. The fabric is comfortable and there is ease of movement. The Takira shine legging comes in black and a host of other colors like teal, blue and brown. The glossy liquid finish gives me a high glam style look but with total comfort. I feel good when I wear these takara shine leggings because I can partake in my crossfit, walk miles and or just place them on and run errands.

I feel there is no need to look sloppy when comfortable and these leggings keep me chic and stylish. I adore how they snatch me in the most important parts so I feel more at ease exercising. It flatters my shape but I am not compromising comfort.