Casa Copelle is gem! One of the best restaurants I have been to on this globe. I travel a great deal for business, so I am fortunate I can go to some of the best dining spots globally bust Casa Coppelle is in a league of its own.

My darling friend took me for my Birthday celebration which seemed to be every night while I was in Italy. The quality of the food, the presentation and taste just blew me away.

The front of Casa Coppelle is more casual and then you go to the back where it is stunningly decorated with deep fabric wallpaper, silk curtains and candlelight. The décor is sexy and warm.

The food is sublime! Beautifully prepared but not heavy at this French-Italian restaurant. I started with the ravioli which was tender and delicious. Then I had the lobster which was served over a salad and infused with orange. Lobster can be tough, but this lobster was tender, and the orange/citrus infusion made it so light. The dressing on the salad was a citrus vinaigrette as well and the lettuce was crispy and fresh.

My friend had a fish that was perfectly prepared and moist served with a sauce that just added flavor but didn’t overwhelm the fish. The bread basket was a feast of diverse types of homemade

For Dessert I had the most decadent dark chocolate cake. The portion was small, but the taste was heavenly. The chocolate was such excellent quality rich but moist. Our meal was perfection and I can’t wait to return on my next trip to Rome to try different dishes and make sure I savor every bite!