Once upon a time I traveled a great deal. In my travels I was introduced to some amazing food and sweets. 

One of these magical moments was tasting the pastries and desserts created by Cedric Grolet.  

The head pastry chef at the Hotel Meurice in Paris is an artist in my opinion.  

Not only are his pastries delicious but he is so creative. Whether you have a pastry at his pastry shop near the Paris Opera or at the Hotel Meurice you will not forget it. 

I am obsessed by his pastry shop in Paris at 35 Avenue de l’Opera because it is intimate and showcases a selection of his creative pastries in a more intimate and casual ambience.  

Some of my favorite desserts are those that look like the exact fruit but inside is a lot of decadence. 

There is truly something special about being in Paris that I miss greatly and lots has to do with the creative forces such as Cedric Grolet. 

His creations are truly an art form and while mouth watering they are artistic endeavors that bring a smile to one’s face. The passion and respect of this man for his craft and for all those that will relish in eating his sweet creations shines through.